Bitcoin Millennium is built to extend the decentralized capabilities of cryptocurrency (DeFi Cryptocurrency) through many improvements: Security, fast transaction processing speed and unlimited scalability, lowest costs transaction, anti-manipulation in Crypto transactions.

· New Blockchain: Setting up fast processing speed and block scalability.

· Decentralize Exchange: A decentralized exchange that allows peer-to-peer swapping of all cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Millennium with low cost and 100% decentralized control.

· Smart Payment: Expanding the connection of Bitcoin Millennium payment with global e-commerce sites globally, through peer-to-peer conversion applications: Crypto-Crypto and Fiat-Crypto.

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New DeFi platform for the global community — Bitcoin Millennium

Bitcoin Millennium is the Blockchain cryptocurrency of the new decentralized finance platform for the global community.

Bitcoin Millennium assembles the optimal solutions for the next generation of Bitcoin Satoshi. It includes all decentralized applications that satisfy the limitless era of decentralization within the next 1000 years of human.

Every Bitcoin Millennium transaction conducted exists on a public ledger that is accessible to everyone, and makes transactions difficult to reverse and forge.

Bitcoin Millennium guarantees to break all limits to provide the optimal security system and performance to process the limited issues of transaction fees, save time and enhance the Blockchain platform that lasts over time.